When measuring how many square feet of sod you will need for your landscaping project, it is important to be as accurate as possible. These formulas will help with general area problems you will come across in measuring for installing sod. So, put away those geometry books and follow these simple formulas.  You may want to use our custom calculators.

Area of a Square
or Rectangle
Area = Length x Width
Area = 20' x 60'
Area = 1,200 square feet

Area of a Circle
Area= n x R2
n = 3.14
Area = 3.14 x 20' x 20'
Area = 1,250 square feet

Area of unusual shapes
Calculations can be made by totaling different sections. In this case, calculate and add together the area of the triangle and the rectangle, and one half the area of the circle.

You can use our calculator for each individual piece.

Area of a Triangle
Area = 0.5 x B x H
B = Base        H = Height
Area = 0.5 x 50' x 100'
Area = 2,600 square feet

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