Turf variety

Keystone sod is grown from a mixture of five hybrids of Kentucky Bluegrass.  They have been selected for their resistance to diseases commonly found in this area of the state and the dark green color that is desired by the majority homeowners.

Bluegrass:  Five Star is The Top Ranking Bluegrass Blend. A blend of five of the best bluegrasses on the market today, selected and blended for superior color, texture, and density. Very dark green turf even at moderate levels of fertility. Exceptional disease resistance, and great cold tolerance. Requires irrigation for optimum performance.

Turf type tall Fescue: This is a great mix for sports turf such as soccer and softball, or used as a durable park or home lawn turf. Consists of 88% DuraTurf Turf-type Tall fescue, plus 7% Kentucky bluegrass for sod strength and improved damage recovery and 5% perennial ryegrass for quicker initial cover.

Keystone Sod ~ The cornerstone of a beautiful yard
Keystone Sod ~ Loren Soper, Owner
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