Turf Varieties

Keystone Sod grows both bluegrass and turf type tall fescue.

Bluegrass is a finer bladed grass with shallow roots (6-8 inches with deep and frequent watering) and rhizomes that allow it to spread and fill open areas and thicken with good management to overcome high traffic from children and pets. This also allows it to grow out over sidewalks and into ornamental beds so beware. Due to its shallow roots bluegrass needs frequent watering to maintain optimal condition, however in extended periods of drought it will naturally go dormant without jeopardizing the plants overall survivability.

Turf type tall fescue is a blend of 5 varieties of fescue and 7% bluegrass which allows us to harvest it with minimal additional cost. In nature most native fescues are a wide bladed forage type fescue found in pasture mixes. Turf type fescues are developed to have a finer blade and shorter and less aggressive growth pattern, while retaining its deep rooted nature (2-3 feet). Fescue works well in sandy sites where the top soil dries out quickly, because its deep roots allow it to access moisture and nutrients deeper in the soil. With this in mind once it is well established it will need less frequent watering, but it doesn’t go dormant for lack of water at which time it may die, so some rainfall or irrigation is needed to survive.